Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chinese Hackers Targeting NYPD Computers

Slashdot prints an article about a network of mystery hackers, mostly based in China, making 70,000 attempts a day to break into the NYPD's sytem, according to Commissioner Raymond Kelly. He said he suspects that his department is being targeted by foreign hackers because it has beefed up operations in the international arena since the 9/11 attacks.
"We are constantly studying events worldwide and assessing their implications for New York," said Kelly, adding that the NYPD now has officers stationed in Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Great Britain, France, Spain, Canada and the Dominican Republic.
Kelly also said senior police officers have been attending lectures by foreign affairs and terrorism experts. The Commissioner's surprising revelations closely followed a Canadian report exposing a China-based electronic spy network that has invaded at least 1295 computers in 103 countries.

Dubbed "GhostNet", the group of hackers have targeted embassies, foreign ministries and the Dalai Lama's offices in India, Brussels, London and New York.

Toronto University's 10-month study suggests that the GhostNet is linked to Chinese government espionage agencies, which Chinese government officials deny.

See complete article in the New York Daily News.