Friday, December 05, 2008

Who Protects the Internet?

Slashdot calls attention to an interview with General Kevin Chilton , U.S. STRATCOM commander and the head of all military cyberwarefare appearing in TechCrunch, a technical weblog that profiles and reviews Internet products and companies.

The interview brings to light the critical question: Is the internet actually protected? Who protects us?
"Basically no one", says Jonathan Zittrain, American law professor, researcher and author. "At most, a number of loose confederations of computer scientists and engineers who seek to devise better protocols and practices — unincorporated groups like the Internet Engineering Task Force and the North American Network Operators Group. But the fact remains that no one really owns security online, which leads to gated communities with firewalls — a highly unreliable and wasteful way to try to assure security."

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