Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nonprofit for collecting info on SCADA & PCS security incidents

The Risks Digest has an item that refers to Stephanie Neil's article in "Managing Automation", 12 Sep 2009 that discusses the http://www.securityincidents.org, "a newly formed non-profit group that provides public access to its Repository of Industrial Security Incidents (RISI)". This group is targeted towards SCADA and process control security incidents.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How much are you worth on the black market?

Slashdot reports a new tool being developed by Symantec intended to raise consumer awareness about cybercrime. By answering a few questions about personal Internet use, the tool calculates your net worth on the black market calculations in three areas: how much your online assets are worth, how much your online identity would sell for on the black market, and your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Norton's Online Risk Calculator is not intended to promote software or instill fear but to raise awareness about cybercrime, according to Marian Merritt, Internet security advocate for Symantec. Merritt pointed out that cybercrime is now larger than the international drug trade. Nearly 10 million people have reported identity theft in United States in the past 12 months and one in four households have already been victimized, she said.

Cybercrime is well reported in the IT space, but the message doesn't often reach the general public, according to Merritt. "You turn on the news and they are talking about capturing drug dealers going across the border, but they rarely show a hacker in handcuffs," she said.

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